Saving energy at home

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Energy saving advice and device replacement

Caritas energy saving advice offers support in reducing household energy costs. After the initial consultation, electrical appliances are checked for their energy consumption together with energy-saving consultants and easy-to-implement energy-saving measures are discussed together.

The energy saving advice is a program of the climate and energy fund of the Austrian federal government.

What services are offered?

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How we help:

Initial consultation

Here it is checked whether the household meets the criteria for further support. This counseling takes place in the counseling centers; counseling is also possible by telephone or online.

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How we help:

Energy saving advice

The energy saving advice takes place in the household. Easy-to-implement energy-saving measures are checked and discussed together.

How we help:

Device replacement

If it is determined during the energy saving consultation that the existing electrical appliances should be replaced, a free replacement is possible. One appliance per household is exchanged (stove, refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher).

Who is the energy saving advice aimed at?

The target group are people who have their main place of residence in Austria. In addition, one of the following requirements must be met:

  • Exemption from broadcasting fees (GIS exemption)
  • Obtaining the state's heating subsidy
  • Receipt of social assistance or compensatory allowance
  • Receipt of housing benefit

Make an appointment for your initial consultation

The initial consultation takes place with an appointment at the responsible advice center.

Please select yours - we will help you quickly.

Please bring the following documents with you to the initial consultation:

  • ID
  • Registration form
  • Proof of GIS exemption or
  • Proof of heating subsidy or
  • Proof of social assistance / compensatory allowance or
  • Proof of housing assistance

After the initial consultation, the appointments for energy saving advice and device replacement are agreed.

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Energy saving advice


FAQs - Frequently asked questions & answers

Please contact the counseling center responsible for your place of residence. An appointment will be made there.

You must bring the following documents with you to this appointment:

  • ID
  • Registration form
  • Proof of GIS exemption or proof of a heating subsidy or proof of social assistance / compensatory allowance or proof of housing assistance

One of the following prerequisites is necessary for this:

  • Receipt of the state's heating cost subsidy
  • Receipt of social assistance or compensatory allowance 
  • Receipt of housing benefit or GIS exemption

The entitlement to energy saving advice is checked during the initial consultation.

Whether it is necessary to exchange a device is determined during the energy saving consultation. Devices are exchanged that are old, no longer working properly or need a lot of energy.

One device per household can be exchanged. Can be exchanged: stove, refrigerator, washing machine or dishwasher.

Other devices such as computers, television sets,... cannot be exchanged.

No, Initial advice and advice on saving energy are free of charge, and all costs (disposal of old device, delivery and assembly of new device) are also included when replacing devices.

A program of

Climate and Energy Fund of the Austrian Federal Government